The Producers 






Kimberly Rose Wendt began her comedy career on the mean streets of Denver, Colorado. After several dive bar    disasters and open mic akward moments, she made her big debut at Comedy Works, Denver. Following a spin out on the freeway and a realization that snow sucks, Kimberly moved back to the bay to persue her comedic misanthropy. A style of akward grace and uneasy ease, Kimberly has built her comedic stylings.on years of bad decisions and akward social interactions. She has performed at The Improv in San Jose, the Purple Onion in SF and many bedrooms up and down the west coast. If thats too long, you can cut it down.






Eloisa Bravo: Crazy comedy is her thing! Eloisa is a spicy Venezuelan that addresses the urban issues of a single woman. Packed with energy and cuteness she will make you laugh, assuming you are lucky enough to understand her accent. She was a semifinalist of Rooster T. Feathers comedy competition (2011) and has performed at the Punchline, Cobbs, the Purple Onion, Rooster T. Feathers, the Palm Beach Improv, the Miami Improv and the Hollywood Improv.


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